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Banking and Compliance


The backbone of navigating successful operations are driven business is adherence to compliance, inventory controls, and a reliable banking solution. The single biggest pain point in the industry is removing cash. We help solve the problem of banking by connecting financial institutions and guiding adherence to compliance with smart software solutions, customized standard operating procedures, smart inventory controls and experienced oversight that enables banking in this otherwise restricted industry.


With experience building RegTech software tied to a FinTech ecosystem instrumental in banking underbanked individuals and industries our knowledge of managing onboarding, monitoring, and validation for cannabis-friendly financial institutions helps to solve the single biggest pain point in the cannabis industry… removing cash as point-of-sale. Our expertise extends to Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.) and software-driven inventory controls (P.O.S) as well as customized SOP’s designed to mitigate compliance risk and employee and patron theft.

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